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In the first instance, as chairman of the board I wish to extend my best wishes to you. We at Futon strive for excellence and to strike a balance for the common good of our customers, our employees and our management team. We have devoted ourselves to build up a very “Credible Enterprise in China”. Excellence and Quality are two of our KEY objectives.

We also place a very high priority on the importance of our employees, most of whom are young and from the country areas. Since its establishment, we kept our core values with customer service and continuous development. We use only brand new machinery to get this company up to international standard.

Futon can only achieve better development through the supports of customers as well as through the recognition of society. Also, we are able to further develop the sense of social responsibility at the same time.

From our understanding of “enterprise integrity”, it should be interpreted as the mutual benefits between the company and the personnel, also the benefits between the customer and the company. In western terms, it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. This is a very competitive business and we always stick to our core values which is central to our customer service objectives.

We treasure what we have paid and we treasure the opportunity given by the society. This is our struggle objective. Futon have the resilience to stick it out and focus on positive results to get us where want to be

In China, there are no safety nets in business as in most parts of the world. However, here we have additional responsibility of making sure the employees are supplied with accommodation and fed as well as being looked after. We take those responsibilities seriously as part of being a good corporative citizen. So it is very important to us that our business is successful. And to that end we keep improving processes and products. We strive to get more customers by high quality products, reasonable prices and excellence service.